We already have the solidarity 2017 Mile here again!

We're back to it again, spring has come and the desire to run through the streets of the neighborhood goes back to us. So book a new date on the agenda. Next Saturday, April 22, we take air, let's stretch our lungs, extend the gambada and we all run for the Gambia!


The race will be carried out by categories on a route around the school.

The categories and distances are the following:

• Those of P3 (born in 2013) - 100m 9:30 p.m.
• Those of P4 (born in 2012) - 150m 9:40 p.m.
• Those of P5 (born in 2011) - 200m 9: 50h
• Those of CI (born in 20010 and 2009) - 500m 10: 00h
• Those of CM (born in 2008 and 2007) - 1 KM 10: 10h
• Those of CS (born in 2006 and 2005) - Mile 10: 25h
• ESO (born 2001 and 2002) - Mile 10: 45h
• From 2000 onwards - Mill 11: 00h


The inscriptions will be done through internet through this link:



The prices are the following:

> Born between 2007 and 2013: 6€

> Born before 2007: 10€

> Deadline for registration April 9th

> Collection of bibs and T-shirts on April 21 at Biscaia 439 (School Dining Room) from 4 to 6 p.m.


The registration includes:

Drink and Mirada Oberta Technical T-shirt

Milla Solidaria 2017

22 april

The collection will be used in full to the construction of the maternity ward at the Health Center in Touba kolong, The Gambia.

And if you want to recover energy with a good sausage snack, buy the ticket at the school secretary desk from March 20th to April 14th.

Price of snack + drink: € 4

Winner of the contest. Design: Ferran Ballesteros. 3rd grade