Touba Kolong women's market

2014-2015 Project > Touba Kolong women's market

The 2014-2015 school year, Mirada Oberta has been through a new adventure. This time in Touba Kolong, a small village located in the north of The Gambia, which after 7 years of fighting to push forward the 6 hectares of cultivated land, has finally managed to be almost 100% sustainable.

This has been the result of the common task between the people in the village and UNO + that together with Som un Bloc have launched this laborious project. Thus, taking advantage of the fact that women enjoy this vegetable garden, we have attempted to collaborate with the Dutch NGO Future4All who is developing market construction tasks that will allow women to be able to market their products directly. Mirada Oberta has joined to this initiative collaborating in the design of the cars that will help to move the harvest on the road.

The market, a great benefit for the women of Touba Kolong.