Mirada Oberta solidarity project with Gambia


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Like any project of cooperation with the 3rd world, one of the key objectives is the collection of money to help a particular community. That's why we must plan the strategies and find the necessary mechanisms to achieve this goal.


Thus, the school organizes a series of activities that have as a backbone, the economic benefit, without losing sight, however, the sense of the activities in themselves.


We promote the participation of the families and the involvement of the students. And although we are aware of the reality in which we live, we are convinced that the human quality, the willingness and the involvement of our educational community is above all that, as has been shown on other occasions, in which, parents, students, and teachers have participated with enthusiasm.

Mirada Oberta activities

"And we keep in mind that Mirada Oberta was born with the aim of providing a mutual benefit: cooperating and raising awareness"

Mirada Oberta in the classrooms

Within the framework of the cooperation project with The Gambia and as one of the cornerstones of the annual school plan, we want to link the usual classroom and course activities with the concept of cooperation and the value of solidarity.

We think that in the school environment we must promote the awakening of the different personal interests and that is why we take this project as an "excuse" to give our students those tools that help them to recognize in each one of them cooperative attitudes, collaboration and solidarity.

Often, it is not so important who, but what, and that is why we believe that one of the keys of the project is to perceive in itself the capacity to help, regardless of who receives help.

Cake contest

Family, solidarity, festive day and this time also very creative and super sweet. Cookies, pies, cakes, tiramisu, with Open Look logos, homages in Gambia, sweets, lots of chocolate and a lot of color. For all tastes, very gladly. Thank you very much for your involvement. to the participants, to the 3 winners, to the jury that has not had anything at all and to all the assistants, because neither the rain can with us...


Thank you all for participating!!!

We already have the solidarity 2017 Mile here again!

Next Saturday, April 22, rain or snow, we are running again the Solidarity Mile. This year with the novelty that the race t-shirt has been designed by a student of the school after winning the t-shirt contest.

The Mile will be carried out, as every year, through the streets of the neighborhood and then, we will be able to recover energy in the backyard of the school with a magnificent “botifarra” sandwich.

Solidarity basketball

Solidarity Basketball Tournament, modality 3 against 3, next Sunday, June 15 at the facilities of La Salle. The registrations must be made during this week at the Secretary desk of Ramon Llull school. The price is 10€ per team. Do you encourage yourself to the team of teachers and instructors?

We look forward to close this season full of activities and solidarity.

On Fridays, movies in original version

"Friday of Cinema", a film series in an original version organized by Mirada Oberta to approach the seventh art on the first Fridays of each month. And look at the coolest poster we have designed for the occasion: we love it !!! So, go to the schedule on Friday evening at 5:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the Ramon Llull school.

We will stop by the red carpet to receive our solidarity stars.





Solidarity Stall

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, head straps, bookmarks ... and all made by hand in The Gambia! With seeds, with coffee beans and prints by hand. Look and choose.

With your collaboration, The Gambia is getting closer to us every day !!

The restless shirt

For those who like photography and have the Mirada Abierto shirt, just grab the camera and load imagination, creativity and professionalism.


Mirada Oberta opens the participation in the photography contest "La tela inquieta", a contest that tries to walk our Look at all the corners of the world and at the same time have a good time.